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Melissa L.
*Skin Tone: Medium
*Eye Color: Green
*Hair Color: Blonde
Absolutely amazing!

Hands down the best mascara I've ever used. And I've tried every high quality brand you can think of. Never clumpy, always smoothly coats each lash to perfection. Doesn't smudge or run, either.

*Skin Tone: Tan
*Eye Color: Brown
*Hair Color: Brunette
Best mascara ever

I’ve tried hundreds of mascaras at all price points, this remains one of my absolute favorites. Long lasting, not sticky, and goes on so smooth. Versatile, you can apply it light, long and natural. Or apply it heavily dramatic and max out the volume. Holds up under rain, sweat and tears. Doesn’t stink, doesn’t pull out lashes, doesn’t ever flake. Try it. Love it.

Michelle G.
*Skin Tone: Medium
*Eye Color: Blue
*Hair Color: Brunette

I have used every brand of mascara and have a hooded eye. Store bought mascara ends up getting all over my eyelids even with waterproof smudge proof mascara. By the end of the day I end up looking like a raccoon with makeup all over my eyelids..that is until I found this mascara!! It is hands down the best mascara on the planet! Goes on easy!! Gives your lashes a huge pop like you have fake lashes on and the best part is I can put it on and not have to even think about it causing any issues! Never have to retouch and stays looking beyond amazing!! If you wonder if you should buy do it!! Thanks for the best mascara ever!!

Gisele D.
*Skin Tone: Fair
*Eye Color: Hazel
*Hair Color: Brunette
Customer for life

I received the Qveen Dragonlash mascara in a makeup subscription box a fe years ago, and I gave it a try. Life-changing. No smudging, no flaking, and it lasts all day. Comes off easy with makeup remover.

I have been ordering the mascara directly from Qveen ever since, and I'll never go back to another mascara.

Leslie L.
*Skin Tone: Light
*Eye Color: Brown
*Hair Color: Red
Only mascara I have ever liked.

Love it! It's my favorite and on my third tube.